What If

What If
What If? For many of us that is the question. The question that sits in the back of our minds tormenting us. Making us fret, worry, cry, want or die a little each day. Why does it have to be this way you ask. What if she had stayed? What if I had made the team? What If I could go back in time?
For many these questions eat at their soul daily and keep them frozen in that moment. That particular place in time. Stuck. Afraid to move forward.
What if questions are never ending because they fit into any and every situation you find yourself in. Alone, married, in a relationship, on the bench, off the team, still in the cubicle, the list goes on and on. Because it fits everybody’s life right where they find themselves, your every life situation.
But what would happen if you actually stepped out of your box and moved? Moved forward, backwards or sideways? It doesn’t matter. Just moved. Will you fall forward? Back? On your side? I don’t know. But at least you will have moved off that place that is killing you oh so slowly.
You don’t think its killing you? Ask a true friend, one that not afraid of telling you the truth. Maybe it’s not a friend you should turn to. Maybe it’s the smart butt in the corner office. Maybe it’s your boss of all people, they will most likely tell you the truth. Your pastor if you’re close enough to him. Ask someone.
What If you fail? You tried!
What If you succeed? You’re on your way!
What If you paid off your debt? You can now save for your future!
What If you believe in yourself? The future is yours now!
What If you decide your life? You’re now free!
Are you starting to see, to see what can happen if you take that step out of your box that you’ve built around you? Your life? Your mind? Ask yourself the question that is holding you in place. Maybe it’s not one of these and its a good possibility it’s not, but ask yourself that one question you need to ask.
What If you complimented the next 10 people you met? You would make someone smile.
What If you stopped to smell the roses? That was nice.
What If you just smiled? Feeling better already.
What If you were happy? Just for a moment.
What If you were grateful? Right where you’re at.
I don’t know about you but I feel better just writing this. I know this isn’t a cure all. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist but I know what has worked for me. Being stuck can happen to anyone, anywhere. Are you working on a problem at work that seems unsolvable. Are you the guy or gal wanting to ask someone out for coffee. Whenever you find yourself stuck just move.
What If you stopped being afraid? Sounds freeing.
What If you took responsibility? Owned it.
What If you lived with passion? Now you’re going places.
What If you start living your dream? Who knows where you will go.
What If you don’t give up? Life’s not easy, keep going.
The What Ifs are endless and they can lead you to places you never dreamed of. Up or down. It’s your life, take control of it. Live like you were meant to live. I don’t care if you’re 16 or 18 or if you’re 60, 70 or 80. Travel. Start that business you’ve dreamed of. Work your butt off and get off the bench and into the game. It’s your life.
What If your dreams come true?
What If you could fly likes the eagles?
What If you climbed that mountain?
What If the children never stopped dancing?
What If you could ask God one question?
Don’t stop asking…..

I Don’t Get It

I Don’t Get It
I don’t get it! I’ve watched the new Budweiser ad for the Super Bowl several times and I don’t understand the anger over it.
Let me recap the ad for you in case you haven’t seen it yet. It’s the story of Adolphus Busch coming to America to live out his dream. The ad shows a young man making his way from Hamburg, Germany to America.
Along the way he encounters numerous hardships and dangers. The perils of crossing an ocean in the 1800’s. Bigotry and hatred from citizens of local townships. Traveling across country until finally finding his way to St Louis, Missouri.
It’s the story of almost everyone’s ancestors unless you’re of Native American descent. Well, that and the little detail of building one of the largest breweries in the world. So why the uproar? If anything we should be cheering the very ideals this commercial embodies.
You have an immigrant coming to America, legally by the way, to live out his dream. Just as Adolphus Busch came here and built a hugely successful business we should be welcoming the next Busch into our country. Let me be perfectly clear here when i say this, I am for legal immigration. We have a defined way for people to come here to America and become citizens and as long as that process is followed then more power to them.
We should be a country that welcomes those from around the world, we are, after all, a country built by immigrants. That next Adolphus Busch could come from Iraq or Egypt or Ireland. I don’t care, as long as they follow our laws. Period. And guess what? When they come here and build that next great business. That next Anheuser Busch. We win. People are put to work. Money gets made and spent. Our economy goes up. Maybe even the stock market jumps to 30,000. OK, that last part might be a stretch but you get the idea. We win, they win.
There is nothing in this commercial that remotely suggests they support illegal immigration. There is nothing in this commercial that is remotely political. So stop trying to imply that there is. There are already enough cry babies in this country, don’t add to them.
Watch the Super Bowl. Cheer on your team or as more and more people are doing, cheer on the commercials. Cheer for this commercial as it embodies everything great about this country. Cheers!

Did the American People Win Today

Did the American people win today? Isn’t that a great question? I borrowed this title, this premise, from a friend who had asked the question on Facebook yesterday.
People were going on and on about a particular incident that happened within our government. Commenting both for and against it. Me, not wanting to get drawn into the ongoing discussion commented, “Love the question. This could be asked of every decision made. I’m borrowing it btw…”. To this she replied, “My point exactly” and that was the end of conversation.
But is this the end of the conversation? Should it be the end of the conversation? I don’t believe so. I don’t believe it should be for any American. We should be asking this of our representatives everyday. Every time they talk about doing something. Every time they complain about something. This question should be forefront on their minds even before they consider the possibility of becoming our representatives.
Did The American People Win Today? Should this not be forefront on the minds of every American everyday? If we didn’t win then we lost. Is that acceptable to you?
Did The America People Win Today? Great question!