Did the American People Win Today

Did the American people win today? Isn’t that a great question? I borrowed this title, this premise, from a friend who had asked the question on Facebook yesterday.
People were going on and on about a particular incident that happened within our government. Commenting both for and against it. Me, not wanting to get drawn into the ongoing discussion commented, “Love the question. This could be asked of every decision made. I’m borrowing it btw…”. To this she replied, “My point exactly” and that was the end of conversation.
But is this the end of the conversation? Should it be the end of the conversation? I don’t believe so. I don’t believe it should be for any American. We should be asking this of our representatives everyday. Every time they talk about doing something. Every time they complain about something. This question should be forefront on their minds even before they consider the possibility of becoming our representatives.
Did The American People Win Today? Should this not be forefront on the minds of every American everyday? If we didn’t win then we lost. Is that acceptable to you?
Did The America People Win Today? Great question!