Walking Advertisements

Walking Advertisements
We are walking billboards for companies spanning the world. We wear their shirts, tee shirts, hats, coats, pants, shoes and even their underwear. We carry their phones, tablets and other media. We have to have a certain watch. We even have their trademarks tattooed on our bodies.
We have become the advertising agencies for the corporate world. And we pay them for the honor of it! WOW! Talk about marketing doing excellent jobs, all we have to do is look in our closets to realize how well they do it.
They, the corporations, have done such a good job of building brand loyalty that we belong to them. We are willing to work extra hours to save our hard earned cash in order to have a particular brand of shoes and not just a particular brand but that particular line of shoe. And of course we have to get the hat to go with the shoes. We go to extra lengths to buy THE motorcycle. The watch. The shirt. The car. The phone. We are bought and paid for.
It starts at a very young age, the Saturday morning cartoons and commercials, the cereal, the pj’s, on and on. Our parents, siblings, cousins, friends, etc influence our thinking and beliefs about most aspects of our lives as we grow up. From our morals to the car we drive something or someone influenced our belief in that product and advertisers do their job to reinforce that belief.
So buy that shirt and make the call on what your beliefs have told you is the best. After all we have been trained not to question our choices, choices that cost us money. Lots of money. I’m not trying to get you to question every buying decision you make just those major purchases. The car, the truck, the phone or any other purchase which involves at least three digits.
Do some comparison shopping. Look it up online. There are plenty of sites that have done the hard part for us, all we have to do is look, compare and decide For Ourselves what we want. Not what we have been trained to believe.
Just my two cents…