What is time? The most wasted commodity that humans have. We sleep in. Play on Facebook. Check email. Yet we never have time to do the important things in life.
We can’t go to Tommy’s ballgame or Kathy’s recital because we’re working because we waste so much of our most precious commodity. We miss deadlines and burn the candle at both ends yet here we are looking at our phones checking out that new post or updating our status. Why?
Our priorities are upside down


Choices, Consequences and Freedom

[Picture curtesy Henry Cloud]

When the consequences of your decisions are clear then you have the freedom to decide your path. The path to good or bad because you know the repercussions before hand. That freedom to decide is what separates this country from so many others. That freedom to decide is what separates you from so many others. You get to decide your future. In your job, education, marriage, in your life. These boundaries free us. Enjoy your freedoms to the fullest and make the best decision for you…