My Mantra, My Promise To Me

I have made a pledge, a promise, to myself that I call My Mantra. My Mantra shapes and defines me. It forms the foundation of my character. There is a quote from Coach John Wooden that I love, “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”.
If you think about that quote, for just a moment, you will come to realize its truth in its simplicity. Your reputation is only what others see or hear about you, your character, though, is the real you, what you are behind closed doors. Your character is what your wife or husband sees in you on a daily basis. It’s what your co-workers and business partners see. If your reputation matches your character then you’re not hiding something behind those closed doors and living a lie.
My Mantra consists of six principles: Integrity, Loyalty, Gratitude, Giving, Significance and Living On Purpose. Each one of these can stand alone but for me they build on each other, they strengthen me and build me up.
Integrity embraces my moral code of ethics, its an utter refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way. My trustworthiness and incorruptibility is unquestioned.
Loyalty is to my wife first and then family, friends and country.
Gratitude is being thankful for what I have, not, for what I am in want of. Being thankful not only in the good times but in the bad times as well.
Giving is being generous in the 3T’s; in my time, my talent and of my treasure. Giving without the expectation of return.
Significance is seeing and finding worth in all things. Looking for and expecting the best in people.
Living On Purpose is having determination, self respect and taking a leadership role in my own life. I will accomplish the goals I have set for myself.
My mantra is a sacred trust with myself to believe and follow without fail. Without that belief then they remain just words and nothing else.
This mantra is mine and mine alone. Everyone should build their own mantra around what is important to them. It should form the basic foundation for everything they do in their life. It should also be reviewed as they grow and their life changes. Education, career, life events, marriage, children, etc.
These two principles, integrity and loyalty, must be the unchanging foundational tenets of your mantra, the rest will be governed by where you are in your life. Wherever you are in your life whatever you do should be governed by the tenets of your mantra.
You will notice an absence of anything faith related because that, for me, is something over and above this mantra. My faith in God comes before all else and is a separate and higher absolute.
In the coming days I am going to be unpacking the individual tenets of my mantra. Explaining what each one means to me and how it governs what I do in life. Check back with me often as we go through this process of unpacking my collection of principles and beliefs. Thanks for hanging around reading.
Until next time…