A Michigan couple has celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. That is special.

Can you imagine the life they have shared with each other. The things they have experienced.


In no particular order: World War 2, Civil Rights Movement, TV, Computers and the Internet, September 11th, the Berlin Wall going up and coming down and oh so many more.


I offer my congratulations to them for perserving through the years, through the good times and bad. May you celebrate many more.

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Poison! This is an interesting video I found on YouTube, at least I found it interesting. Toxicity comparisons. It’s amazing to me at how little of some of these substances it takes to kill you.

Poison! Yikes!


Some of these are common household items and some are exotic compounds that I have no idea of where  person would find them or even want to find. Watch and learn.

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Watch this British guy’s reaction to a gun store. It’s crazy! Our view of gun ownership, grounded in the 2nd amendment, is unique compared to most of the world.

This guy is in utter shock at the shear volume of guns and ammo at this gun shop in Minnesota.


Watch This British Guy’s Shocked Reaction to a Minnesota Gun Shop

Britain, Japan, Germany and Australia have strict gun control laws as opposed to the US, Switzerland, Yemen and the Czech Republic who have looser gun ownership laws.

I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment and believe it is not just our right to own a gun, but the responsibility for every American to own guns.

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If Mark Zuckerberg covers his web cam and microphone, shouldn’t you? Sounds like a valid question to me. I’ve been hacked!

I’ve been hacked!

We should be mindful of our online security, especially in this day and age. If you’re like me and thinking if someone is watching me on my web cam then they’re going to be awfully bored and disappointed.


Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Webcam. Should You?

But, the more serious ramifications would be that someone has access to whatever you have on your computer. Bank information, investments, savings accounts, IRA’s, etc.

Your whole life is stored on your computer. Family pictures, files, letters, contracts, documents, etc.

It could be devastating if a hacker got into your computer and stole your information. Or locked you out and blackmailing you to get your information back. Maybe. There is no guarantee they would return it to you. Get your money and leave you with a locked down computer.

Save yourself a mountain of heartache and take precautions. Take some time to read the article and review your security and passwords. Be safe.

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A life in numbers. How do you spend your time?

Our time is our most precious commodity, but we treat it as one of our least valuable. How are you going to change your daily activities to better use your time, or are you? Are you content to watch your time float away into oblivion unused and wasted?

What are you doing with your time? We can all do better.

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Obama’s expelling of 35 Russian diplomats should raise our concerns over Russia’s ability to hack into our electric power grid and cause a major power outage. If Obama was that concerned then we should be also.

Power outage and candle power are not the same. In the cold of winter or the heat of summer a power outage can be deadly serious.

We should be demanding that our representatives not only investigate our power grid vulnerabilities but fix them. Knowing a problem exists and doing nothing to fix the problem is criminal.

Power outage

If our power grid goes down for an extended period in time could and most likely would lead to many deaths. Depending on how long the death totals could easily reach into the thousands and potentially the hundreds of thousands or even into the millions.


Do your part and educate yourself. A hack into our power grid is bad enough, but can usually be fixed in a short period of time. The real danger is from an EMP, but that is another story.

Hold your representatives responsible. Demand action.



With all of the uncertainty surrounding North Korea this might help with your understanding of how the Kim family came to power and maintains that power.

The life of a typical North Korean is so different from the typical life of someone here in the US that it is hard to really understand. The poorest of the poor here would be fabulously rich in North Korea.

North Korea
North Korea, Kim Jong Un