I’m Angry. I’m Sick of Politicians. I’m Sick of the Hard Line Politics.

I’m angry. I’m tired of all the bs on capital hill.

I’ve been a lot of things in my life. A son, brother, husband and father to start with.
I’ve been broke. I’ve had money, lots and I’ve been everywhere in between.
I’ve been a student, a teacher a coach and a mentor.
I’ve been a democrat. A republican. An independent.
Now I’m a combination of them all.
I am me.
And I am mad.


I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten older and am now looking at the disaster that this country, my country, is becoming.
Or if it’s because of the general apathy.
You have the hard left and the hard right yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs that the other side is crazy and going to doom us.
I’m sick of the false promises and lies.
None of our representatives truly represent us anymore. None. They work for the highest bidder. The lobbyists. The corporations. The billionaires.
Our representatives constantly lie to us. And we keep voting them back in because our representative isn’t that bad, its always the other guys. That and my representative gives me stuff. A job, more benefits, cookies, name your freebie. Sad…
We have a president that acts like a teenager at times. Seriously, stop the tweeting. Stop wearing your feeling on your sleeves. Man up! Geez…
I have a headache, my back hurts and I’m tired. But, I go on. I read, listen to the news and think. Then I make the mistake of getting on Facebook. Why didn’t the news tell me the world was ending?
Do any of you fellow Facebooker’s check any of the stuff you share? Read any nonpartisan news? Listen or watch any nonpartisan news? Some of you scare me, not in the sense of physical danger, but in the sense that people can be manipulated this easily. Do a little research before sharing that explosive bit of news…
Reminds me of a quote by John Naisbitt, “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.”
How inept can the Trumps be? It seems that every week there is something coming out about one of them.
This Russian thing is the size of a Blue Whale now. It has dwarfed the Elephant that was in the room. Do I believe the Trumps are in the pocket of the Russians? No. Not yet. Could I change my mind? Yes. Before I do I want proof. Concrete proof. One way or the other. I want the Mueller investigation to provide us with answers.
I’m not talking about weather or not the Russians tried to interfere in our elections, that’s been answered in the affirmative. I’m talking about weather or not the Trumps are being paid off by the Russians. Weather or not they are acting in treasonous manners.
If they are then they should be prosecuted and if convicted, then depending on the depth of their crimes, jailed or ……
If not, then let the Donald step down go away, let them be the Trumps in the private sector, out of sight and out of mind.
Speaking of ineptitude. Can anyone tell me if there has ever been this much ineptitude in the senate? Has there ever been a more inept Senate Majority Leader then Mitch McConnell? Why is he still the Senate Majority Leader after this series of gaffes? He should retire immediately.
The republicans cant stand success. They have horrible leadership and despite all of their talk, no plan, no MAP, management action plan. Nothing.
Fire them all.
What happened to the days of bipartisan politics? Where there was a give and take. Perhaps you didn’t get everything you wanted, but you got something. Everyone could go away with a piece of the pie and the American people benefited from the outcome.
Rant over for now. At least until I look at Facebook again. Why do I punish myself this way?
Ask yourself this question today. Did the American people win today? If the answer is no then find out why and do something other then cry on Facebook.
Contact your representatives and ask questions. Tell them what you think. Before you do prepare a list of questions and what you expect. Above all, be respectful. If you’re angry be in control of your anger. Let them know you’re angry, but be respectful.
Thanks for stopping by. Until next time