Why the Hate? Through love and conversation darkness is driven out and opposing sides are brought together.

Love and Conversation conquers hate and divisiveness.
Racism had reared its ugly head in Charlottesville, VA. But now its time for love and conversation to take over. I have a hard time understanding the hatred people have against someone based solely on the color of their skin. Hatred in and of itself is hard enough to understand, but hatred without basis? Why?


Isaiah 58 tells us what God expects from His people.
To be humble, feed the hungry, house the homeless, provide life’s necessities for those that can’t help themselves, be kind to our neighbors, honor the Sabbath and stop condemning the defenseless.
That’s a simplified list. Simplified for me.
No mention of race, color or economic status. Just to love our neighbors no matter who that might be.
Over the last few days I’ve read and listened to many different people trying to figure out where this country stands on racism. What I’ve found is that most people don’t know where we are.
Are there problems in the inner cities? Obviously yes. Are there problems in the rural areas? Yes. But, for most of America, I don’t believe we’re locked in racial divide. And I do believe we, the American people, can stand as one and resolve the issues still dividing us.
I say this because I know where I come from, how I was raised and what I am now. Having been raised in a racist home in the 60’s and 70’s I know what racism looks and acts like. How it sounds and feels. It’s ugly, destructive and full of hate.
With the hate coming to the surface we, as a country, have the opportunity to come together and defeat this ugly, divisive and fundamentally wrong ideology.
But will we?
Will our leaders use this moment in time to galvanize opposition of these groups or will it be lost in the mass of confusing voices.
With mixed signals coming from the president wanting to lay blame on “all sides”, instead of using the moment to bring us together against the hatred, we are in danger of losing any momentum that was to be had.
Hate groups have decided to be quite and let the anger against them settle and with this any galvanizing moment we might have had has been lost.
But we, the American people, can and will still stand united against their hatred.
To stand against hatred not with more hatred, but with love. You don’t defeat hatred with more hatred for only light can drive out darkness and only love can drive out hatred.
Using this man as an example, 58-year-old Blues musician Daryl Davis, conversation and friendship defeats their hatred. Not rocks, hate filled shouts or fists, but sitting down and talking over coffee.
Using Daryl Davis’ playbook, conversation will ultimately turn more hearts to inclusiveness then all the hate filled speeches and thrown punches.
Love and conversation.

Love and Conversation

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